Meet us at CES

Receive an expertise-based snapshot analysis of your brand within European key markets, such as Germany, UK, France, Benelux, Italy and Spain.

We are European communication professionals and realize cross-boarder communication projects to help global companies to communicate with their local audiences.

We are members of the international Worldcom Public Relations Group and have been successfully working together for many years.


Corinna Voss HBI PR

Corinna Voss



 Imma Folch Lázaro LF Channel

Imma Folch Lázaro

LF Channel



Peter Drent Wisse Kommunikatie

Peter Drent

Wisse Kommunikatie


Find ways to enter new markets 

Ho to enter new markets_HBI_D-A-CH

There are always exciting things to see at CES – it’s a fantastic opportunity to have a look at the very latest developments at the cutting edge of technology and a great possibility to show off your products to the world. Use the attention after the show and start your communication in the EMEA market.

Why you should consider to have a chat with us?

We are experts in launching companies in new markets. Through our projects listed above, we have built up a vast knowledge and contact base for foreign companies wishing to gain a foothold in Europe.

We are an active member of the Worldcom PR Group, the world’s leading network of independently owned PR firms, and work with numerous international customers in close cooperation.