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Social Selling - Tap into new potential

Social selling has become a highly valuable tool in recent months. Many companies have already made increasing use of it in the past, without ever having heard the technical term. So social selling is by no means a trend or an illusion of the future. Quite the contrary: It is one of the most important forms of customer acquisition currently being used.

This way, you generate customer benefits through social media by answering questions from prospective customers and posting well thought-out content with added value.

This generates more touchpoints during the sales process and builds customer trust in the company even before the purchase or initial contact is made. By incorporating social media into sales, you accompany the customer journey.

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Establish employees as corporate influencers

Building a strong network and positioning experts in your own industry is becoming increasingly important for executives in the fast-moving business world.

An active and well-maintained social media account is the first step towards positioning yourself as a thought leader, generating new leads and opening up further business areas through mutual exchange.

With content on current events within the company, videos of (virtual) happenings and the effective use of synergy effects of your public posts, you will stand out form other accounts.

Also, social media algorithms rate active profiles better and suggest posts to users outside of your own network. In cooperation with marketing experts, digital executives make the difference for your company.

Our Digital Executive Program

90% of the work is done by us. All that is left for you to do is to check your key profiles for a few minutes to keep up the daily pace. We promise you momentum.

How is our Digital Executive Program designed and what does it comprise?
Following a conversation about main goals, target personals, ongoing topics etc. in your industry segment, you will receive from us a plan of action with regards to messaging, content, and activities as well as a list of target media, influencers, and a timeline. Once we have reached a consensus, we will do all the footwork that only needs your approval in the end. Every ongoing action will be monitored by us and reacted to accordingly, be it live coverage from events or the follow-up of social platforms.

In short: no beating around the bush and presenting only valuable content.

Monitor your community together with us and we will keep tabs on your results. Our regular review will include the whole of our common activity and give you an update on key themes, posts, comments and new influencers once they emerge.We’ll do regular reviews together and those will generate a new list of to-dos.


What results to expect?

You’ll quickly get noticed. Increase the number of your followers and contacts. Generate comments and reactions. Stay in people’s minds. Gradually emerge as a thought leader. Stand out as an authentic and knowledgeable voice. It will improve your business, as well as your career.


Why HBI?

We are one of the highest-rated independent marketing and PR agencies in Germany. We have over three decades of experience in successfully bringing companies and influencers together. Our own network exerts an incredible influence globaly. Plus: we’ve already run highly successful social media programs for other companies. Maybe even for your competitors.

Your next steps

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