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We help you to increase your media
coverage and reach your target market with customized and memorable content in the FinTech indusrty.


Communication that pays off!

As FinTech experts, you know that operating in a rapidly changing industry requires you to be proactive and always a step ahead of your competition.


No one has to strive alone – we will support you along the way.


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Our three steps towards success

1. Together we will develop a comprehensive communication strategy that will increase your brand awareness and push your products, solutions and services to obtain the attention of your target audience. We will sit down with you to identify your goals, your target group and current topics in your industry segment so we can make the most of your planned PR activities.

2. Once these initial framework conditions and critical components of the communication plan have been determined, we will work closely together to develop a comprehensive and holistic strategy concerning your company's messaging, tailor-made content, communications activities and create a list of target media as well as an appropriate timeline.


3. Once everything is settled, we will support maneuvering you along the road of success. We will establish you as a thought leader, create tailor-made content, plenish your social media channels with fresh ideas and connect you with key journalists who will create even more awareness for your brand.

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FinTech - Sustainable success through a targeted PR and marketing strategy

FinTech is not only the future, it is already the present. To approach the target groups successfully, a customized communication strategy is required.

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Our tips for a successful FinTech PR campaign

FinTech companies can decide between a variety of communication channels for their campaigns. We present our tips for a successful Fintech campaign.

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Discover Our Digital Executive Program

90% of the work is done by us. All that is left for you to do is to check your key profiles for a few minutes to keep up the daily pace. We promise you momentum.

How is our Digital Executive Program designed and what does it comprise?
Following a conversation about main goals, target personals, ongoing topics etc. in your industry segment, you will receive from us a plan of action with regards to messaging, content, and activities as well as a list of target media, influencers, and a timeline. Once we have reached a consensus, we will do all the footwork that only needs your approval in the end. Every ongoing action will be monitored by us and reacted to accordingly, be it live coverage from events or the follow-up of social platforms.

In short: no beating around the bush and presenting only valuable content.

Monitor your community together with us and we will keep tabs on your results. Our regular review will include the whole of our common activity and give you an update on key themes, posts, comments and new influencers once they emerge.We’ll do regular reviews together and those will generate a new list of to-dos.


What results to expect?

You’ll quickly get noticed. Increase the number of your followers and contacts. Generate comments and reactions. Stay in people’s minds. Gradually emerge as a thought leader. Stand out as an authentic and knowledgeable voice. It will improve your business, as well as your career.


Why HBI?

We are one of the highest-rated independent marketing and PR agencies in Germany. We have over three decades of experience in successfully bringing companies and influencers together. Our own network exerts an incredible influence globaly. Plus: we’ve already run highly successful social media programs for other companies. Maybe even for your competitors.

Your next steps

Get in touch. We’ll describe all the elements of the HBI Digital Executive Program in more profound detail, answer your questions and see where that takes us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

About HBI

The fact that we’re well over 30 years in business, highly successful and still independent says something about the way we work. HBI Helga Bailey – International PR and Marketing Communications Services is a communication agency with over 20 consultants plus highly experienced team members on the organizational side of the agency. Everything we do is focused on our clients – whether they’ve hired us for traditional PR, digital communication, events, training or any combination of all those things.

About Worldcom

HBI has been an active member of the Worldcom PR Group since 1996 and works with numerous international customers in close cooperation with its partners worldwide. Worldcom Public Relations Group is the world’s leading network of independently owned PR firms. Through Worldcom, clients have direct access to in-depth communications expertise from professionals who understand the language, culture and customs of the areas in which they operate.